Getting efficient motor management right first time

  When thinking about where your business uses the most energy, it is estimated motor loads consume 60% of electrical energy used in industry. There are many ways to mitigate this, including installing VSDs for general motor loads. Yet, Schneider Electric reminds us that efficient motor management starts with the optimal design of your motor and electrical […]

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What manufacturers need to know about remote management tools

Many organisations want to know how remote management tools can help their productivity and reduce cost and downtime. When your competent operators are inaccessible, secure remote access to industrial automation systems is essential to sustain production plant operations. According to Schneider Electric, in a digital world, automation expertise is now a click away. Remote management tools […]

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Is Zero Engineering the Next Era in Industrial Automation?

  A recent article from Schneider Electric considers the prospect of zero engineering for control and process automation. Various tools already exist and achieving the next step will be the biggest change since the introduction of PLCs. Fifty years ago, before Modicon first developed the PLC for its automotive customers, making system changes for annual vehicle model […]

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Remote management maintains pandemic production

It is surprising how well companies and employees have adapted to home working and the changing pattern of demand. According to Schneider Electric, remote management helped over 200 of their factories worldwide to maintained production whilst keeping workers safe. Existing remote management solutions have helped producers in smart ways for little investment. Technologies like artificial intelligence augmented […]

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