Remote management maintains pandemic production

It is surprising how well companies and employees have adapted to home working and the changing pattern of demand. According to Schneider Electric, remote management helped over 200 of their factories worldwide to maintained production whilst keeping workers safe. Existing remote management solutions have helped producers in smart ways for little investment. Technologies like artificial intelligence augmented […]

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Your first three steps to factory digital transformation

By most accounts, many factory digital transformation efforts have yet to achieve their anticipated benefits. Of the companies promoting the benefits of Industry 4.0, few have the experience as Schneider Electric. Their Smart Factory programme started in-house by putting theory into practice and delivered tangible productivity benefits. As a result, their Batam “lighthouse factory” in […]

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Open platform improves digitisation of smart machines

Evolving customer needs and the impact of digital transformation has added complexity to the machine design and building processes. By thinking beyond traditional designs, machine builders can deliver smart machines with better performance at a lower cost. Fortunately, new technologies are emerging that counteract this complexity. These technologies like open platform machine control help to […]

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How ATV320 variable speed drives improve machine efficiency

For many OEMs, machine design and performance efficiency improvements have emerged as critical success factors for maintaining competitiveness. Improving their machine’s productivity, reliability and energy performance makes them more attractive to end-users. New generation variable speed drives (VSDs) play a pivotal role in driving machine performance on the shop floor. According to Schneider Electric, their VSD […]

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