Three ways that digital tools deliver power management resilience for buildings.

We learnt many lessons from the Covid experience on overcoming the challenge of maintaining facility continuity under these unique conditions. Power management resilience helped us develop the ability to absorb or avoid damage without suffering complete failure. Many buildings were already benefiting from the transition made from analogue controls to connected IoT-enabled electrical distribution and […]

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How panel builders can make more of sustainability.

[Source: Shutterstock] Electrical panel builders play a vital role in advancing sustainability both in their own operations and when executing client projects. The growing demand for environmentally friendly products and services makes it important for panel builders to focus on sustainable systems. While tackling climate change is urgent, panel builders can adopt simple approaches and […]

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Panel builders offered partnership support as demand for electrification grows.

[Source: Schneider Electric UK As we move away from fossil fuels, an electrification revolution will transform energy use with electricity dominating energy consumption. As demand soars, panel builders will face new challenges in meeting evolving customer requirements. For example, it is thought that the demand for cooling will triple by 2050, hugely increasing electricity demand. […]

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How TeSys Island cuts OEM build time by 66% and costs by 30%

[Source: Schneider Electric] Rising labour and material costs have become a significant concern for OEMs and panel builders. Many of them are seeking ways to gain a competitive edge in this challenging landscape. Building control panels the traditional way requires a lot of control wiring between the programmable logic controller (PLC), interposing relays, contactors, overload […]

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Growing a panel builder’s business by digital transformation

The industrial electrical landscape is undergoing a radical transformation, and a superior performance is no longer sufficient to sustain a panel builder’s business. According to Schneider Electric, it is due to three powerful and disruptive forces. Being, evolving social needs, economic localisation, and a technological revolution reshaping the way we conduct business. Building on competitive […]

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