Is ladder logic programming still relevant?

Ladder logic programming is an essential tool for industrial automation and control systems. This intuitive, graphic programming language is ideal for designing and implementing sequential control processes. The essence of ladder logic lies in its user-friendly graphical interface. Inputs (like sensors and switches) and outputs (such as motors and relays) connect through logical gates and […]

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Automating pizza base production exceeds expectations.

Bakkavor the leading UK provider of freshly prepared foods is benefiting from  the automation of their pizza base production line. In addition to improving the product quality and consistency, they reduced production costs through by reducing maintenance and unplanned downtime. Pizza is one of the UK’s most loved foods. With such high demand, pizza makers […]

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Is Zero Engineering the Next Era in Industrial Automation?

  A recent article from Schneider Electric considers the prospect of zero engineering for control and process automation. Various tools already exist and achieving the next step will be the biggest change since the introduction of PLCs. Fifty years ago, before Modicon first developed the PLC for its automotive customers, making system changes for annual vehicle model […]

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Do you think Occam’s Razor applies to modern control solutions?

Some 800 years ago, English philosopher William of Ockham developed a principle giving precedence to simplicity. Called Occam’s Razor, his problem-solving principle stated that in the event of two competing solutions, the simpler one is preferable. We often express this as “Entities not to be multiplied beyond necessity.” In modern terms, this means that not […]

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New Mitsubishi FX5U safety extension modules for PLC, simplify design.

  Mitsubishi Electric has strengthened its compact PLC series with the addition of two new FX5U safety extension modules. The modules allow users to create a compact, integrated safety system by connecting a safety extension module to a PLC. Developed and produced in conjunction with German safety maker SICK AG, the modules connect directly to FXU and […]

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