ABB transforms production energy efficiency.

In manufacturing, energy efficiency is not just a buzzword. It is an ethos. A prime example of this is the collaboration between ABB and the Model Group, a prominent Swiss packaging manufacturer. Together, they have highlighted how embracing modern technology can lead to substantial energy savings and augmented productivity. In their case, saving 900,000 kWh […]

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New ACS180 machinery drive from ABB Drives

ABB has extended its family of machinery drives with the new ACS180 VSD for applications up to 22 kW. As a member of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio, it also shares the same architecture and user interfaces for ease of use. The ACS180 brings reliability and performance for machinery builders and system integrators across many industries […]

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Optimisation project finds more VSD savings

[Source; Shitterstock] A South West Water (SWW) optimisation project into the operating costs of their pumps identified VSD savings in both energy use and maintenance costs. Moreover, extending this over several sites achieved significant reductions from energy expenditure, extended lifespans, and minimising premature drive replacements. The VSD saving initiatives reduced annual energy costs by up […]

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ABB online energy saving calculator

Although electricity costs may fall over the next couple of years, they will never return to the price levels we enjoyed. This makes saving energy and the adoption of sustainable technologies of vital importance to business. ABB’s online energy saving calculator is a tool that helps justify the business case for installing variable speed drives […]

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ABB VSDs save more than energy by saving cost and space

According to ABB, their variable speed drives VSDs save more than energy. Users recognise ABB drives for their ability to run motors at speeds that match the demand of the process. As a result, they will lower the running cost. Yet, in addition to speed control, the drives include functions that make many traditional components […]

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