ABB VSDs save more than energy by saving cost and space

According to ABB, their variable speed drives VSDs save more than energy. Users recognise ABB drives for their ability to run motors at speeds that match the demand of the process. As a result, they will lower the running cost. Yet, in addition to speed control, the drives include functions that make many traditional components […]

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ABB guide to improving car park ventilation and saving energy

Although UK car demand may be falling, the need for parking spaces remains as high as ever. Town centre parking space is at a premium, so car park operators are finding ways to fit cars into smaller spaces. Improving car park ventilation has an important part to play both by improving air quality and saving […]

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VSD payback periods tumble as electricity prices rise

  In 2021, the installation of ABB VSDs to improve energy efficiency provided a payback period of three years. This was acceptable as the savings would continue through the life of the installation. However, recent electricity price increases mean that for Severn Trent Water (STW) VSD payback periods tumble. STW is saving 15,000 kWh annually […]

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