Phoenix Contact Launches First FL Managed Ethernet Switches.

Phoenix Contact introduces its first managed Ethernet switches for direct connection of sensors and field devices into Ethernet networks. Called the FL Switch 2303-8SP1, they smooth the integration of modern sensors  and terminal devices onto industrial networks. They support Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) on eight ports to the10 Base-T1L standard for transmission distances of up […]

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Embracing industrial transformation through digitisation

Two major trends are accelerating the pace of modern industrial transformation. Firstly, increased pressure to improve productivity and boost ROI; secondly the relatively low cost of IT-driven data acquisition and analysis. A recent LNS Research report indicated that 45% of industrial organizations surveyed are already engaged in industrial transformation. Furthermore, another 23% of companies expect […]

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Schneider Electric launch IIoT Starter Pack competition

Schneider Electric is offering the chance to win an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Secure Asset Connection Starter Pack. The pack is an ideal solution for machine builders and end users seeking integrated asset-to-cloud connectivity. As well as being cybersecure it also provides end-to-end remote access to program and monitor other control equipment. The IIot […]

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Will TSN be another disruptive communications technology?

The growth of IIoT means information has become the most important commodity for international manufacturing industries. Automation systems need the ability to handle large amounts of data at speed and Time Stamped Networks (TSN) provide this. TSN offers a non-proprietary technical solution for delivering high performance deterministic communication between industrial devices to field level over […]

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How IIoT drives operational profitability improvements

IIoT gives manufacturers the ability to control their business performance in real-time and extend real-time control across their value chain. It is eliminating many of the constraints traditional technology has imposed on automation systems, particularly those that limit the ability to deliver operational profitability improvements. In a white paper Peter Martin of Schneider Electric explores […]

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