Electrical system risks that threaten your business profitability

Overlooking your power distribution systems can have a serious effect on your wealth. Yet, because they are so dependable, they may not be getting the attention they deserve. In a recent white paper, Schneider Electric considered the nine electrical system risks that directly threaten your business profitability. Modern facility managers operate and maintain complex electrical […]

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Industrial Ethernet continues to outpace traditional fieldbuses

For engineers interested in the industrial communications market, each yearHMS Networks produces a report from their market research. Through 2023, HMSexpects the industrial network market to grow by 7%. Significantly, this growthhighlights the ongoing importance of network connectivity in factoryautomation. As an example, they expect the growth of installed IndustrialEthernet nodes, to be 10% higher […]

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For 2G and 3G the writing is on the wall

With the inexorable growth of 5G and later 6G mobile networks the UK Government has announced the closure of 2G and 3G networks. This is to encourage the smooth transition to faster, more advanced 5G, and public ambition for Open RAN rollout as part of the Telecoms Supply Chain Diversification Strategy. A Radio Access Network […]

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Your first three steps to factory digital transformation

By most accounts, many factory digital transformation efforts have yet to achieve their anticipated benefits. Of the companies promoting the benefits of Industry 4.0, few have the experience as Schneider Electric. Their Smart Factory programme started in-house by putting theory into practice and delivered tangible productivity benefits. As a result, their Batam “lighthouse factory” in […]

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