Kick start machine stability with data science services

  Omron Automation is offering Data Science Services to help machine builders and users improve productivity using collected machine data. For example, a Sysmac AI controller collects signals from sensors and actuators and logs them at high frequency. But then what? Valuable information needs to be extracted from the data and presented to the right […]

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Industrial Data Science brings Big Data closer

Big Data is one of the potential dividends of the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT, but collecting it is only the start. According to a white paper from Omron Automation, it only becomes of value when extracted and presented in the right way. Without using Industrial Data Science, important insights for transforming production data remain […]

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CP2E all-in-one controller for compact IoT applications

  OMRON’s recently launched CP2E all-in-one controller improves data connectivity, simplifies complex machine funstions and reduces in-service maintenance demands. Importantly, the CP2E Series offers a cost-effective way to add IoT to compact machines. As an all-in-one controller, it collects machine performance data and shares the appropriate information with the host network. Rising labour costs and […]

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Q2V space saving VSD from Omron brings benefits for OEMs

In developing their new Q2V space saving VSD, Omron Automation paid special attention to the needs of OEMS. Features like integrated filter, side by side mounting, screwless terminals and coated PCBs reduce installation time and extend operating life. The close mounting offered by the Q2V space saving VSD reduces enclosure sizes without suffering from derating […]

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Omron RX2 VSD offers triple duty ratings amongst new features

  For organisations seeking ways to reduce energy consumption it is important to evaluate the performance of both their existing systems and products. Evaluating new products also forms an important part of this activity. If you’re not going forwards, you’re going backwards, and using VSDs that offer triple duty ratings is a good starting point […]

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