Phoenix Contact Launches First FL Managed Ethernet Switches.

Phoenix Contact introduces its first managed Ethernet switches for direct connection of sensors and field devices into Ethernet networks. Called the FL Switch 2303-8SP1, they smooth the integration of modern sensors  and terminal devices onto industrial networks. They support Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) on eight ports to the10 Base-T1L standard for transmission distances of up […]

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How new connected control devices drive workplace efficiencies.

Machine builder design efficiencies increase when core machine components are easy to select and simple to wire and install. By integrating new generation connected control devices to the internet delivers workplace efficiencies and access to new machine information. New technologies like Schneider Electric TeSys island have an online configuration tool  built around the concept of […]

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Will TSN be another disruptive communications technology?

The growth of IIoT means information has become the most important commodity for international manufacturing industries. Automation systems need the ability to handle large amounts of data at speed and Time Stamped Networks (TSN) provide this. TSN offers a non-proprietary technical solution for delivering high performance deterministic communication between industrial devices to field level over […]

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Regenerative drives convert braking energy into free electricity

ABB’s new ACS800-11 variable speed regenerative drives capture braking energy from electric motors. They return it in to the network as free electricity, significantly improving energy efficiency. In industry, electric motors are often used in applications with frequent brake applications. A braking chopper and external electrical resistors dissipate braking energy as heat. Resistor braking often […]

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