How new connected control devices drive workplace efficiencies.

How new connected control devices drive workplace efficiencies.

Machine builder design efficiencies increase when core machine components are easy to select and simple to wire and install. By integrating new generation connected control devices to the internet delivers workplace efficiencies and access to new machine information.

New technologies like Schneider Electric TeSys island have an online configuration tool  built around the concept of avatars. Avatars are pre-programmed digital objects containing the functionality needed to build an application. The machine builder selects the avatars with the functions needed, and the configuration tool generates a bill of materials.

On programming, the file created by the configuration tool and all the settings indicated in the selection process, are available for importing. This avoids the time-consuming task of dual or triple entry of specifications.

Installation and commissioning

The design of connected control devices focuses on ease of installation due to their simplicity and compact modular design. During installation, the various modules snap together and mount onto a DIN rail within a cabinet. A single connection to the fieldbus bus coupler connects up to 20 starters connected through a ribbon cable. The programming is in bus coupler and through the avatars selected via the configuration tool.

Connected control devices

During commissioning software tools like EcoStruxure Machine Expert help to simplify the commission task using two LEDs. One indicates that the device is functioning and the other that indicates whether the connected load is functioning.  Individual avatars are also simple to test, even without a PLC.

Connected control devices and motor load management machine components make it much easier to optimize machine performance. They capture a rich set of machine asset data. Besides machine performance they gather, other load level and system level data. For example, motor starter data, energy data, motor performance data, motor protection, and upstream protection data and so on.

Reduce unplanned downtime

Intelligent motor starters free up maintenance personnel do not need to be near the machine to troubleshoot. For example, if the system exceeds  a pre-set threshold, it sends a warning to the operator via HMI or SMS. This gives the engineers time to resolve the issue before the machine stops. By combining and analysing the gathered allows the user to predict the future performance of the machine.  This data is viewable from any browser and even from mobile devices.

Schneider Electric connected control devices and components simplifying machine builder workloads by their built-in open communication. EcoStruxure Machine open architecture provides a cybersecure envelope to connect intelligent devices-regardless of manufacturer-with edge control and analytics.



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