Omron 3G3RX-V1 high-function general-purpose nears end of life

In a recent notice, Omron Automation announced the discontinuation of the Omron 3G3RX-V1 high function general purpose inverter drives. Last order acceptance for the 3G3RX is 1st August 2022, with final deliveries at the end of that month. Maintenance support and support for network options will stop in 2029 after seven years. Keeping with Omron’s philosophy […]

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Do you think Occam’s Razor applies to modern control solutions?

Some 800 years ago, English philosopher William of Ockham developed a principle giving precedence to simplicity. Called Occam’s Razor, his problem-solving principle stated that in the event of two competing solutions, the simpler one is preferable. We often express this as “Entities not to be multiplied beyond necessity.” In modern terms, this means that not […]

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Intelligent controller improves micro-brewery production

Over the last few years, the UK has seen a significant growth in micro-breweries as more hobbyists turn their past time into a business. Accessing an easy-to-use intelligent controller helps the production process and enables owners to check and control their batch production remotely. One reputable micro-brewery with a reputation for creating unique hand-crafted beers […]

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