Top Four tips on flexible manufacturing in food and beverage production

The coronavirus pandemic has posed significant challenges to organisations of all types and sizes. As a result, the food and commodity industries, have faced fast-changing demand patterns and disrupted supply chains. Omron Automation offers four tips on using flexible manufacturing to improve productivity in food and beverage production. So how can manufacturers adapt their business strategies and […]

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Avoiding installation issues with PWM inverters

Avoiding installation issues with PWM inverters   Variable speed AC drives have become very popular because of their energy efficiency. Additionally, they offer flexible control of processes and machinery using maintenance-free AC motors. AC drives use power switching techniques and generate high rates of change of voltage. Most modern AC drives use voltage-source PWM inverters. […]

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Avoiding inverter drive failures

  Modern VSDs use sophisticated electronics for control and communication. They will operate in extreme conditions and are very reliable and effective. However avoiding inverter drive failures involves regular review and maintenance. Despite being serviceable, drives are often forgotten after installation. Recognising this, manufacturers have made developments to improve their reliability. They invest significant time […]

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Extending electrical equipment life by reducing cabinet temperature

The reliability of electrical and electronic equipment is critical to most production plants. Heat induced equipment failures causes damage to expensive equipment, and loss of production due to downtime. Electrical equipment life is extended by operating at the correct cabinet temperature   The temperature inside an electrical cabinet is invariable higher than the ambient. The […]

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