Workforce empowerment through connected HMIs

  When starting the digitisation of manufacturing equipment, a key consideration is how new and innovative technologies help people to do their job better. They need to be insightful and offer workforce empowerment. In this, human machine interfaces HMIs start to play a significant role. Schneider Electric argues that when planning industrial digitisation projects, it […]

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Mitsubishi adds two new GOT SIMPLE HMIs as VCN Servers

Mitsubishi Electric has added two new Graphic Operation Terminals (GOTs) to its GOT SIMPLE Series line-up. The 10-inch GS2110WTBD-N and 7-inch GS2107-WTBD are widescreen models that support virtual network computing (VNC) for use as VNC servers. This provides remote access from offices or other remote locations where field engineers may find themselves. Moreover, the VCN […]

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Two new wide screen HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric

  Two new wide screen HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric benefit from optional antibacterial protection sheets to safeguard operators. The new Graphic Operator Terminals (GOT) are also ready for remote connection where user access is limited. Remote connection functions like Soft GOT enable remote maintenance to access the local screen, where GOT Mobile allows operators to […]

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Do you think Occam’s Razor applies to modern control solutions?

Some 800 years ago, English philosopher William of Ockham developed a principle giving precedence to simplicity. Called Occam’s Razor, his problem-solving principle stated that in the event of two competing solutions, the simpler one is preferable. We often express this as “Entities not to be multiplied beyond necessity.” In modern terms, this means that not […]

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Intelligent controller improves micro-brewery production

Over the last few years, the UK has seen a significant growth in micro-breweries as more hobbyists turn their past time into a business. Accessing an easy-to-use intelligent controller helps the production process and enables owners to check and control their batch production remotely. One reputable micro-brewery with a reputation for creating unique hand-crafted beers […]

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