Mitsubishi adds two new GOT SIMPLE HMIs as VCN Servers

Mitsubishi adds two new GOT SIMPLE HMIs

Mitsubishi Electric has added two new Graphic Operation Terminals (GOTs) to its GOT SIMPLE Series line-up. The 10-inch GS2110WTBD-N and 7-inch GS2107-WTBD are widescreen models that support virtual network computing (VNC) for use as VNC servers. This provides remote access from offices or other remote locations where field engineers may find themselves.

Moreover, the VCN feature also helps meet the growing customer demand for improved work efficiencies when monitoring and maintaining factories, buildings, utilities, and other automation applications.

Another important feature of the new GOT models is a 150% increase in onboard memory capacity to 15MB. This makes it easier to save more screen designs.

Furthermore, an SDHC memory card supports recording operational logs in chronological order for enhanced traceability. This is useful for validating operations as well as troubleshooting when identifying incorrect operation or the potential underlying causes of problems. Using the operation log function together with the operator authentication function records information of who performed a function and when.

These new additions to the GOT SIMPLE Series also support outline fonts, offering clearer visibility of text on the screen by smoothing out edges of textual characters. This increases screen clarity to help prevent misreading but can also aid reading at a distance.

GOT Simple communications

As communication is another key factor for users of operator panels, Mitsubishi Electric has expanded their built-in interfaces. In addition to the standard GOT SIMPLE Series interfaces of Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-422, the new units offer RS-485 support. This simplifies the connection of a wide variety of devices such as temperature controllers and MODBUS peripherals. This makes it easier for users to realise connected digital manufacturing strategies in their operations.

The new models and are compatible with HMI/GOT Screen Design Software MELSOFT GT Works3 version SW1DND-GTWK3-E. They replace the previous generation GS2110-WTBD and GS2107-WTBD operator GOTs.

For more information about GOT operator panels, download the new brochure. On the other hand, watch a video introducing the concept of the new models here.




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