Regenerative drives convert braking energy into free electricity

ABB’s new ACS800-11 variable speed regenerative drives capture braking energy from electric motors. They return it in to the network as free electricity, significantly improving energy efficiency. In industry, electric motors are often used in applications with frequent brake applications. A braking chopper and external electrical resistors dissipate braking energy as heat. Resistor braking often […]

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Save up to 50% of energy using a regenerative drive

    According to Omron Automation, it makes good business sense to use regenerative drive technologies on motor loads to reduce a machine’s energy consumption. Studies show that Omron’s regenerative drive solutions can reduce electrical energy consumption by up to 50%, according to the application.   Omron tunes its regenerative drive units specifically to match […]

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ABB regenerative drives give big payback on downhill conveyors.

    ABB regenerative drives give big payback on downhill conveyors.   Using ABB regenerative AC drives fed 520,000 kW of power back into the mains and significantly reduced maintenance costs by improved control on two limestone conveyors used in cement making.   Continuous raw material flow is important in cement making and when processing […]

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