Cut energy costs with regenerative variable speed drive solutions


In addition to providing variable the speed of motors, inverter drives can also be used to stop them quickly by applying a braking torque to the motor.  The energy released during this process is normally absorbed by a braking circuit and dissipated through braking resistors in the form of heat


However, regenerative variable speed drives can recover the braking energy of a load and return it to the power system, creating less heat; reducing power consumption, and simplifying the installation. Typical applications include all types of cranes, unwinders, hoisting applications and discontinuous centrifuges.


Modern regenerative inverter drives from Omron make then easy to implement because their supply regenerative units that are perfectly tuned to the inverters. Harmonic and EMI filters ensure that regenerated AC energy is green and provides a perfect sine wave with harmonic distortion less than 5% THDI.


Studies have shown that regenerative solutions can reduce electrical energy consumption by up to 50% depending on the application’s loads and cycle frequencies. A crane, for example, with a braking power of 16 kW and a frequency of 18 cycles per day will provide a pay-back period of under one year, after which it’s free energy.


Omron offers different configurations to ensure the best fitting regenerative solution for the application. Depending on the solution used, the regenerated energy can be used by other drives in the system or it can be sent directly back to the power network to be used by other components sharing same power supply circuit.


Regenerative solutions – DC power supply option

By using DC power supply, users can implement a 1:n drives system, where the braking energy of one drive can be consumed by other drives. The benefits are a low energy consumption due to common DC bus systems; improved power factor close to 1, and harmonic distortion reduced below 5% THDI



Regenerative Braking unit option

This solution offers more power braking than with a resistor using a 1:1 regen unit to inverter. It is smaller than a traditional braking system and harmonic distortion is reduced up to 10% THDI




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