CP2E all-in-one controller for compact IoT applications

CP2E all-in-one controller for compact IoT applications.


OMRON’s recently launched CP2E all-in-one controller improves data connectivity, simplifies complex machine funstions and reduces in-service maintenance demands. Importantly, the CP2E Series offers a cost-effective way to add IoT to compact machines. As an all-in-one controller, it collects machine performance data and shares the appropriate information with the host network.

Rising labour costs and a lack of skilled workers place pressure on manufacturers to streamline processes, operations and maintenance. But even users of compact low-cost machines need production data, visualisation of machine performance and to prevent sudden failure and stoppage. Furthermore, in non-manufacturing industries such as infrastructure and farming, users must manage and maintain controllers using in-house skills.

The CP2E all-in-one controller addresses these requirements by simplifying data connectivity and installation and reducing in-service maintenance.

Improves data connectivity

Using pre-defined function blocks, it reduces program development work and provides simpler data connectivity. Visualising IoT-connected machine performance needs only simple programming to improve productivity and quality from machines used in manufacturing and other industries. It allows almost anyone to set up machines for complex control, reducing programming, test, debugging, and maintenance times.

Twin built-in Ethernet ports reduced wiring cost, improved communication performance and eliminate the need for switching hubs when collecting field data. One port connects to the host and another can connect to an HMI, PLC, or PC running support software or reserved. Programming uses a simple send/receive function block to exchange data between controllers

Further cost savings come from simplifying Ethernet connectivity with a daisy chain wiring for M2M comms. Additionally, up to three serial ports are available using front mounting option boards.

Simplifies complex machine functions

Omron Function Blocks for positioning and control simplify many complex machine functions, improving design efficiency and reducing development time. They are also available for M2M communications and predictive maintenance.

  •  The CP2E includes 4-axis positioning functions with linear interpolation allowing the axes to operate simultaneously to reduce machine cycle time
  •  Positioning on mark for Packaging Machines uses one instruction to execute a fixed positioning on Interrupt input (mark) independently by PLC cycle time
  •  PID with Autotuning function enable stable temperature control reducing start-up time.

Reduced in-service maintenance

The CP2E is also a reliable solution for all environmental conditions, having several functions to reduce in-service maintenance. With its extended operational temperature of -20 to 60° C it increases reliability in special applications that would normally cause a controller to shut down. The battery-free operation also reduces maintenance costs, and I/O terminal LED indicators for support rapid troubleshooting. Automatic bit corruption detection and recovery increase machine efficiency by avoiding downtime. Additionally, the CP2E is backwards compatible with current Omron solutions like the CP1 Series.

All-in-one controller

The CP2E PLC supports data collection and Machine 2 Machine communication in compact equipment. A powerful and effective solution for stand-alone machines produced in series where Price/Performance ratio is a key. CP2E series controller offers an efficient solution for a flexible production where traceability and machine key assets monitoring to deliver operational excellence.


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