ABB VSDs save more than energy by saving cost and space

ABB VSDs save more than energy by saving cost and space

According to ABB, their variable speed drives VSDs save more than energy. Users recognise ABB drives for their ability to run motors at speeds that match the demand of the process. As a result, they will lower the running cost. Yet, in addition to speed control, the drives include functions that make many traditional components redundant. Using these functions cuts the need for ancillary equipment in your control panel or production machine, saving space and cost?

How VSDs save more than energy

ABB calls this Engineering Optimisation, or using the VSD’s functionality to replace common cabinet components cutting purchase, operational and maintenance costs.

As an example, consider a cabinet thermostat. These monitor the temperature inside the cabinet, but they can cost upwards of £200. But the VSD can do this for you. Let the VSD monitor the temperature and signal the fan within the drive to run when it needs cooling. You can also link it to the thermostat on the enclosure fan and switch it on when needed.

Do you use timers to switch on motors at set intervals to either start or stop an application when needed? The VSD can cut out costly timer relays by using its internal real-time clock and could save around £100.

Safety is also important, but you do not need to install a contactor because the drive has built-in safe torque off (STO). This is a built-in SIL 3 PL e stop function which is safer than a contactor. When activated, operators cannot bypass it and it will not fail over time.

With its fieldbus features, the VSD can gather telemetry onto the fieldbus system without having to buy extra remote I/O stations. You can also simplify the installation by reducing the need for an HMI. The more advanced VSDs have keypads, the screens of which offer a host of graphs, charts and meter readings as well as keypads that can take the place of start/stop buttons. A VSD also includes energy management tools, which can remove the need for an external energy meter, saving up to £200.

Adaptive programming

Modern VSDs provide adaptive programming that allows users to customise their control functions. For example, if VSD starting depends on a particular valve opening, it may be controlled with relays, timers or PLCs. Adaptive programming allows you to do this within the VSD, saving on component cost, installation time and cabinet space.

All VSDs will save energy, but ABB VSDs save more than energy. They reduce running costs, cut component counts and offer control functions allowing you to do more with less.

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