VSD payback periods tumble as electricity prices rise

  In 2021, the installation of ABB VSDs to improve energy efficiency provided a payback period of three years. This was acceptable as the savings would continue through the life of the installation. However, recent electricity price increases mean that for Severn Trent Water (STW) VSD payback periods tumble. STW is saving 15,000 kWh annually […]

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Why replacing old drives makes good business sense

    Modern VSDs take advantage of new, higher efficiency motor designs, like synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM) that have no rotor losses. These motors operate with 40 percent lower losses compared to a conventional induction motor, so replacing old drives can make sense. According to ABB Drives, the lower losses allow motor construction in two […]

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Combining energy efficiency with productivity improvements

Most industries face the common challenges of reducing energy use whilst maintaining product quality and productivity. Productivity improvements drive up profits to satisfy stakeholders. On an industrial site with an electricity bill of £150,000 a year, about £100,000 may go on running motors. According to ABB Drives, the energy-saving benefits of energy-saving drives are well […]

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