Panel builders offered partnership support as demand for electrification grows.

Panel builders offered partnership support demand for electrification grows.

[Source: Schneider Electric UK

As we move away from fossil fuels, an electrification revolution will transform energy use with electricity dominating energy consumption. As demand soars, panel builders will face new challenges in meeting evolving customer requirements.

For example, it is thought that the demand for cooling will triple by 2050, hugely increasing electricity demand. Furthermore, electric vehicles are expected to account for  50% of new car sales by 2040. The total growth in electricity use of about 62% by 2050 is going to be massive.

According to Schneider Electric, stepping into this new unchartered role can be challenging, especially if taken on alone. That is why a partnership with Schneider Electric’s mySchneider Panel Builders programme goes beyond just providing bare components for panel assembly.

As the stakes grow, so does the competition and not every player in the business will be successful. As end users demand greater efficiency and control over their energy, panel builders need to offer more than “just equipment.” Those who will thrive in the new electric world will also focus on developing their reputation as trusted advisors – coming with future-ready solutions that consider their customers’ CapEx and OpEx.

Why a partnership with panel builders?

A partnership serves as a foundation for collaboration. By collaborating with expert industry partners, panel builders can address complex daily challenges with effective support from design stage through to the build stage.

By embracing digital technologies and software tools, they can more easily find the right product to build their complete panel. Software advances allow for faster configuration, and quicker creation and sharing of their bill of materials. Moreover, they provide their customers with a rapid and optimised quotation.

It saves panel builders time throughout the project, from design and product selection to quotation and manufacturing of the product. It is also a way to be on top of the latest digital applications and design innovations in future infrastructures.

Schneider Electric believes customers want not only energy efficiency in their buildings, plants, and homes but also efficiency in their digital experience and relationship with them. For example, the EcoStruxure platform and solutions bring customers to the next level of “future ready” and digital.

To learn more about mySchneider Panel Builders Programme, download the brochure.

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