Workforce empowerment through connected HMIs

  When starting the digitisation of manufacturing equipment, a key consideration is how new and innovative technologies help people to do their job better. They need to be insightful and offer workforce empowerment. In this, human machine interfaces HMIs start to play a significant role. Schneider Electric argues that when planning industrial digitisation projects, it […]

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Where does the Schneider Electric Altivar ATV320 Machine Drive fit?

Demand from industrial users digitising their manufacturing processing is unquestionably growing. This means that OEMs need versatile industrial VSDs for easy integration into hybrid automation systems. In these applications, the Altivar ATV320 machine drive exemplifies safety, reliability, and simplicity. With its robust design, ATV320 offers a reliable solution that helps to reduce installation costs and enhances […]

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The importance of switchroom diagnostics for plant continuity

  Most electrical switchrooms house medium voltage or low voltage electrical distribution equipment. For example, switchgear, circuit breakers, transformers, fuse-switches, relays, electrical panels, and busbars. And for the maintenance teams and operation managers that manage them, switchroom diagnostics are increasingly important. Ensuring safe smooth operation, and early identification of potential failures depends on disciplined practices. This […]

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3 advanced motor management enablers to reduce cost and downtime

  Electric motors consume about 60% of the electricity used by manufacturing industries. Moreover, for heavy industries this proportion can ramp up to 90%. Adopting advanced motor management principles reduces both energy use and motor related downtimes. Yet, ofttimes users do not apply modern energy management principles to help reduce consumption. Industrial electric motors drive […]

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