Optimising motor control for machine performance

As machines become more complex, efficient motor control solutions are more important than ever. Motor control covers a range of functions, including switching, short-circuit protection, overload protection, and motor management. Moreover, by optimising motor control functions, machine builders can create more dependable, sustainable, and cost-effective machines that perform better. One of the leading trends in […]

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Spare parts coping strategies for maintenance managers

[Source: Shutterstock] For maintenance managers, spare parts inventory management is often an afterthought. In some cases, it is not even considered until an unforeseen incident occurs. Moreover, as companies grow, critical spare parts management becomes more complex. Over time the proportion of inactive spare parts inventory grows in comparison to the working stock. If there […]

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Cascading circuit breakers to optimise installation costs

Under overload conditions, both selective and cascading circuit breakers systems are selective, with only the breaker nearest the fault tripping. The difference is under short circuit conditions. Selectivity Circuit breaker selectivity minimises the impact of electrical faults by ensuring that only the downstream breaker closest to the fault trips. This preserves continuity of power for […]

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