What is meant by Industrial Edge computing?

Whether you call it Industry 4.0, IIoT or digitisation, manufacturing gets better results by acquiring and analysing production process data. Machines in industrial environments like industrial PCs, PLCs, and HMIs have some data handling capability, but not enough to cope with smart machines. Industrial Edge computing addresses this. By digitising their production processes, users develop vast […]

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How using smart motor controllers improves manufacturing productivity

The old adage “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” is no longer relevant to 21st-century manufacturing. Producers face a never-ending challenge of continuous productivity improvement. Moreover, in these difficult times, improvement is further complicated by pressure to minimise capital expenditure (CAPEX). Despite these contradictory goals, Schneider Electric argues that emerging technologies can help. New generations of […]

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How new connected control devices drive workplace efficiencies.

Machine builder design efficiencies increase when core machine components are easy to select and simple to wire and install. By integrating new generation connected control devices to the internet delivers workplace efficiencies and access to new machine information. New technologies like Schneider Electric TeSys island have an online configuration tool  built around the concept of […]

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Why hybrid multifunction motor starters are worth a closer look

Offering a smaller, smarter alternative to conventional starters, hybrid multi-function motor starters are growing in popularity. They are easier to install and integrate and provide greater functionality than conventional DOL and reversing starters <4 kW. They are compact, more reliable, and simpler to use and worth a closer look They combine forward and reverse running […]

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Making machine safety easier for machine builders

Machine safety is a core responsibility for machine builders. In most countries, the machine builder is liable if the machine safety system fails. Safety is critical, but for OEMs developing safety functions for machines is complex, expensive and time-consuming. Makers of safety devices and modules like Schneider Electric produce solutions that simplify the OEM safety […]

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