How TeSys Island cuts OEM build time by 66% and costs by 30%

How TeSys Island cuts OEM build time by 66% and costs by 30%

[Source: Schneider Electric]

Rising labour and material costs have become a significant concern for OEMs and panel builders. Many of them are seeking ways to gain a competitive edge in this challenging landscape.

Building control panels the traditional way requires a lot of control wiring between the programmable logic controller (PLC), interposing relays, contactors, overload relays, and auxiliary contacts. But Schneider Electric revolutionised this process with the introduction of TeSys Island. By using TeSys Island OEMs and panel builders can deliver equipment faster, at lower cost, and with improved functionality.

TeSys Island

In this article, we consider how TeSys Island helps OEMs stand out, increase efficiency, and overcome workforce and supply-chain challenges.

Parker Precision Automation is a North American company, and the catalyst was a large existing customer with high motor loadings. They needed to improve real-time data acquisition from their Parker machines for predictive maintenance purposes.

With their integrator, they turned to Schneider Electric’s TeSys Island which allowed them to complete control circuitry quickly and efficiently, using ribbon cables as this eliminated the need for internal I/O. TeSys Island’s plug-and-play functions reduced programming time, and the integrated data acquisition functions eliminated the requirement for additional monitoring equipment.

Although asked to devise a solution that improved data acquisition, the delivered system did far more than that. Using TeSys Island in their control panel delivered considerable time and labour savings, and cost reductions of almost 30%. Moreover, it reduced programming time by 25% and reduced panel build times from three to one week.

Simple Integration

TeSys streamlines control panel development and enables OEMs and system integrators to offer smart machines with built-in digitisation. This allows real-time monitoring of critical equipment, preventing downtime through pre-alerts, and optimise efficiency by remotely controlling and managing motors. The data gathered facilitates continuous improvement and initiative-taking service and maintenance, while also enhancing sustainability and energy efficiency.

The innovation of TeSys Island is transforming control panel development and machine manufacturing. It is also providing OEMs with a competitive advantage in a cost-conscious market. The technology means businesses can accelerate their digital transformation, enhance productivity, and deliver superior equipment to meet customer demands effectively. Furthermore, TeSys Island integrates both with Schneider Electric PLC’s as well as popular third-party PLC brands for even greater flexibility.

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