Mitsubishi adds two new GOT SIMPLE HMIs as VCN Servers

Mitsubishi Electric has added two new Graphic Operation Terminals (GOTs) to its GOT SIMPLE Series line-up. The 10-inch GS2110WTBD-N and 7-inch GS2107-WTBD are widescreen models that support virtual network computing (VNC) for use as VNC servers. This provides remote access from offices or other remote locations where field engineers may find themselves. Moreover, the VCN […]

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Well plate automation boosts productivity

By replacing a fifteen-year-old well plate filling machine, a laboratory increased throughput yields by a factor of eight and cut waste by half. Well plates are the multi-well trays used for high-throughput screening of in vitro devices (IVD) in clinical laboratories. Reproducibility, precision, and accuracy are fundamental for creating stable conditions for clinicians to interpret […]

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Automating pizza base production exceeds expectations.

Bakkavor the leading UK provider of freshly prepared foods is benefiting from  the automation of their pizza base production line. In addition to improving the product quality and consistency, they reduced production costs through by reducing maintenance and unplanned downtime. Pizza is one of the UK’s most loved foods. With such high demand, pizza makers […]

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Two new wide screen HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric

  Two new wide screen HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric benefit from optional antibacterial protection sheets to safeguard operators. The new Graphic Operator Terminals (GOT) are also ready for remote connection where user access is limited. Remote connection functions like Soft GOT enable remote maintenance to access the local screen, where GOT Mobile allows operators to […]

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How AI and AA extend machine control architectures

[Source: Shutterstock]   Modern technologies are often around for a considerable time before gaining acceptance in machine control or a production line. It is also true for the advanced analytics and artificial intelligence that are now creeping into industrial machine control architectures. These smart technologies are extending traditional machine control to offer enhanced data processing, […]

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