Smart VSDs for smarter warehouse stacker cranes

  To improve throughput and space utilisation, warehouses use automated stacker cranes for the retrieval and storage of goods. Operating at high speed, these devices locate, pick, transport and unload cargo. Smart VSDs (variable speed drives) play a key role in determining their correct and effective operation. Wayne Turtill, Product Manager – Drives, Servos and […]

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Using IIoT to leverage performance from plant data

  Boosting responsiveness, productivity and flexibility on the factory floor is the key to enhanced competitiveness. Effectively leveraging data is central to this and for ensuring the successful deployment of new and updated automation systems. Mitsubishi Electric’s Jeremy Shinton considers new controllers for managing the convergence of IT and OT to optimise plant data management […]

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New Mitsubishi FX5U safety extension modules for PLC, simplify design.

  Mitsubishi Electric has strengthened its compact PLC series with the addition of two new FX5U safety extension modules. The modules allow users to create a compact, integrated safety system by connecting a safety extension module to a PLC. Developed and produced in conjunction with German safety maker SICK AG, the modules connect directly to FXU and […]

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How to cut unplanned downtime with this SMART condition monitoring system

Avoiding unplanned downtime of rotating machinery is an important tool for improving the productivity of manufacturing. Modern VSD’s offer a wide range of functions to protect both the drive and connected motor. Adding a condition monitoring system extends this protection to critical fans, pumps, gearboxes and other equipment. The condition-based monitoring solution developed by Mitsubishi […]

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