Mitsubishi FR-E800 inverter supports switching to high efficiency motors

Mitsubishi FR-E800 inverter supports switching to high efficiency motors

[Source: Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV]

Mitsubishi Electric’s compact FR-E800 is a high-performance inverter drive for smart machines and demanding production requirements. The range offers onboard Ethernet and TSN connections, AI, smartphone connectivity for troubleshooting, and SIL2 or SIL3 safety functions. Moreover, FR-E800 series has output from 0.1 kW to 7.5 kW, extending to 30 kW in the future.

Advanced FR-E800 inverter drive

The FR-E800’s advanced auto tune function controls IM and PM motors. This ensures flexibility whilst reducing spares stock holding. It also helps users switching to high efficiency motors. For example, an FR-E800 provides improved control and energy saving when used with standard induction motors. Importantly, as users move to higher efficiency IE3/IE4 PM motors the FR-E800 does not need replacing and can form part of the migration path.

Reduced Downtime

Mitsubishi Electric’s proven Maisart AI system provides advanced fault finding and predictive maintenance functions to reduce unplanned downtime. Life Diagnostics Functions also analyse and determine remaining lifetime of critical components, such as capacitors, contact relays, cooling fan, and inrush current limit resistor

The FR-E800 is the world’s first system to identify signs of damage caused by hydrogen sulphide or other corrosive gases. The operator receives a notification when the production environment needs improving or risks the possibility of unplanned downtime. The wider environmental rating allows FR-E800 to operate in ambient temperatures from -20°C to 60°C and the control card has a conformal coating to withstand harsh environments.

Onboard Industrial Ethernet

The E800 simplifies communications by incorporating several selectable communication networks without needing option cards. It supports major Industrial Ethernet networks, including CC-Link IE TSN, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Modbus TCP/IP. Moreover, two Ethernet ports for configuring in  line, ring, or star topologies increases network flexibility.

IEC 61508 Safety

Incorporating the E800 into SIL3 PLe, Cat 3 systems maintain both safety and productivity. Integrated safety functions are standard without the need for an encoder. In detail, it includes Safe Torque Off (STD), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safe Brake Control (SBC) and Safe Speed Monitor (SSM) and Safely Speed Limit (SSL).


Customised control results from the built-in PLC function which is set up via the FR-Configurator 2 software. A single lead inverter can control several VSDs, removing the cost of an external PLC. Inverter-to-inverter linking also allows users to create small-scale systems by connecting multiple drives via Ethernet protocols. The communication between multiple inverters is through the inputs/outputs and the built-in PLC.


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