How anti-jam technology reduces wastewater pumping problems.

Growing health and hygiene interests, along with the pandemic have increased the volume of non-flushable items in the wastewater system. Our pursuit for convenience and healthy personal habits also means non-flushable items like wet wipes will continue to grow. Changing public perceptions and pumps using anti-jam technology offer a solution. Despite the marketing, these products […]

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Omron 3G3RX-V1 high-function general-purpose nears end of life

In a recent notice, Omron Automation announced the discontinuation of the Omron 3G3RX-V1 high function general purpose inverter drives. Last order acceptance for the 3G3RX is 1st August 2022, with final deliveries at the end of that month. Maintenance support and support for network options will stop in 2029 after seven years. Keeping with Omron’s philosophy […]

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Seven ways Altivar Machine drives benefit conveying systems

  Whether you are specifying a new conveying system or upgrading your existing material handling operation, Schneider Electric explains how Altivar Machine drives help. As AC drive technology for conveyors advances, it presents new ways to address challenges for improving productivity, performance, connectivity, and security. Importantly, modern drives are smaller, so they will fit in […]

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Why replacing old drives makes good business sense

    Modern VSDs take advantage of new, higher efficiency motor designs, like synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM) that have no rotor losses. These motors operate with 40 percent lower losses compared to a conventional induction motor, so replacing old drives can make sense. According to ABB Drives, the lower losses allow motor construction in two […]

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