Smart VSDs for smarter warehouse stacker cranes

  To improve throughput and space utilisation, warehouses use automated stacker cranes for the retrieval and storage of goods. Operating at high speed, these devices locate, pick, transport and unload cargo. Smart VSDs (variable speed drives) play a key role in determining their correct and effective operation. Wayne Turtill, Product Manager – Drives, Servos and […]

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Combining energy efficiency with productivity improvements

Most industries face the common challenges of reducing energy use whilst maintaining product quality and productivity. Productivity improvements drive up profits to satisfy stakeholders. On an industrial site with an electricity bill of £150,000 a year, about £100,000 may go on running motors. According to ABB Drives, the energy-saving benefits of energy-saving drives are well […]

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How ATV320 variable speed drives improve machine efficiency

For many OEMs, machine design and performance efficiency improvements have emerged as critical success factors for maintaining competitiveness. Improving their machine’s productivity, reliability and energy performance makes them more attractive to end-users. New generation variable speed drives (VSDs) play a pivotal role in driving machine performance on the shop floor. According to Schneider Electric, their VSD […]

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High efficiency drives could reduce global electricity consumption by 10%

In a new whitepaper, ABB reveals the potential for significant energy efficiency improvements in industry and infrastructure enabled by the latest high efficiency drives and motor systems. They call on governments and industry to speed up the adoption of the technology to help combat climate change. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), industry accounts […]

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