Superior diagnostic performance with Mitsubishi FR-E800 compact inverters  

Better diagnostic performance with Mitsubishi FR-E800 compact inverters
[Source: Mitsubishi Electric UK]

An important product for users of high-performance variable speed inverter drives is the Mitsubishi Electric’s FR-E800 Series. Designed as machine drives, they offer superior diagnostic performance, reliability, and functionality. Yet, despite their advanced performance, they remain simple to use.

Superior diagnostic performance

Their advanced auto-tune function works with both IM and high efficiency PM motors up to 22kW. Moreover, their AI-based diagnostic performance reduces equipment downtime through its advanced troubleshooting and predictive maintenance capabilities.  

The drive’s environmental impact diagnosis function and other self-diagnostics allow early prevention or prediction of faults with the drive. This diagnosis function enables the fastest troubleshooting procedure without requiring any special skills.

PM sensorless control

With cutting machines, it is possible to reduce variation in the finished products using PM sensorless vector control. The inverter’s sensor less speed detection allows accurate control of a PM motor to reduce variation caused by uneven rotation. Even without encoder feedback, it is almost as accurate as an AC servo system.

Multiple communications protocols

Even Smart factories contain legacy equipment so it can be difficult to monitor the operations of some plants. The E-800 allows users to select from a group of protocols that includes CC-Link IE TSN, MODBUS/TCP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT suitable for the intended system. It is also possible to switch between protocols using a parameter setting.

A wireless LAN function also supports inverters located hard to reach places like gantries and stacker cranes. Wireless access enables adjustments of inverter parameters, inverter monitoring including simultaneous monitoring of multiple axes, and inverter maintenance.

SLS (safely limited speed) function

For areas where operatives interact with a machine, the inverter supports the IEC 61508-5-2 functional safety standard. It is possible to continue operation at a safe speed without stopping the production line. It calculates the motor speed based on the current value and other data without using an encoder. This reduces the time required for maintenance or retooling and eliminates external devices such as ones used for monitoring the speed.

Customised control

The embedded PLC function allows the customisation of inverter operations from within the drive. This reduces both the cost and panel space as it needs no additional controller. Users can also set various operation patterns such as inverter movements at signal inputs, signal outputs depending on the inverter’s status, and monitoring outputs, etc.

Controlling multi-ventilation fan systems

When used with multiple fans in the same duct, the inverter can coast a motor to a stop. This prevents the rotation of one fan affecting the rotation of others. Furthermore, after instantaneous power failure, frequency search enables smooth automatic restarting even when a motor is coasting.

In addition to improved diagnostic performance, the FR-E800 includes many other advanced functions to improve machine control. For example, smartphone integration, extensive engineering software for further ease of integration, built-in brake transistor, and plug-in option cards.

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