Making machine safety easier for machine builders

Making machine safety made easier for machine builders

Machine safety is a core responsibility for machine builders. In most countries, the machine builder is liable if the machine safety system fails.

Safety is critical, but for OEMs developing safety functions for machines is complex, expensive and time-consuming. Makers of safety devices and modules like Schneider Electric produce solutions that simplify the OEM safety tasks.

End-to-end safety solutions provide machine builders with coordinated input devices (such as e-stops or light curtains), processing devices (such as new-generation Schneider Electric Preventa XPSU modules) and output devices like contactors, VSDs and servo drives). Furthermore, treatment of these three safety chain elements is that of a single safety function within a particular machine.

Europe is the leader in machine safety, and the adoption of European-style safety directives is happening across the world. The trend is moving towards the development of stronger safety standards and importantly the enforcement of those standards. With each new standard, the safety demands on both OEMs and end-users increase and becomes more complex to install.

Operators that do not conform to standards face consequential actions when an accident occurs. In such cases, the authorities investigate and determine machine compliance. If the machine builder was negligent, it may damage their reputation and attract significant fines.

An important aspect of regulatory compliance is the performance of a proper safety risk assessment. Responsibility for assessments is by a team of qualified individuals from inside or outside the business. Machines on the regulatory directives hazardous machines list need certification from a recognised and authorised body.

Machine safety compliance

To make safety compliance easier for machine builder, Schneider Electric developed a new generation of single-function module safety devices. They are for use in both optimised and performance machines (but rarely in high-performance machines).

Known as the Preventa XPSU universal range, these devices support machine builder safety implementations in several important ways. They enable faster certification, ease commissioning, provide superior diagnostics, and also help spare parts management.

Modern machine safety devices from Schneider Electric help OEMs drive design, installation, commissioning and operational efficiencies of their machines. Go here to see how new safety chain input, processing and output devices can improve machine builder productivity.


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