Schneider innovation simplifies machine IIoT connectivity

Schneider innovation simplifies machine IIoT connectivity

Forecasting and planning are necessary steps for a business to prepare for the future. For machine builders it can be especially difficult as they try to anticipate the needs of their customers. IIoT connectivity increases this complexity as even the customers also may not be sure what they will need at a machine level.

We can appreciate that analysing data will be important but what data and how granular will it be. Factory floor PCs and PLCs are routinely connected to the Ethernet and share data over the Internet. However, does it mean in future every individual sensor, or contactor or circuit breaker might need a connection? How do machine builders plan for what had no happened and where there is no historical experience?

To address these, at the Hanover Messe Schneider Electric showcased a new digitally connected ‘ecosystem’ for machine builders. Integrated within the EcoStruxure umbrella the new products support the rapid and secure adoption of IIoT for connected machines. They are the Modicon M262 Logic & Motion controller and TeSys island multi-functional digital load management system.

Modicon M262

The Modicon M262 offers embedded direct cloud connectivity and encrypted communication protocols. There are up to 5 separated Ethernet networks for fast logic and motion performance in demanding applications. The M262 provides benchmark performance with 30% better motion and four times faster CPU execution than the market preference.

TeSys island

TeSys island, is a new fully digitised IoT connected load management solution. It saves on design, wiring, and also commissioning time, by using multi-functional devices and avatars for industrial applications with loads up to 80 amps. TeSys island provides reliable preventive maintenance data and pre-alarms. It avoids machine stoppages by detecting unusual electrical load behaviour. This reduces time for corrective actions by up to 50% through smart maintenance and services.


EcoStruxure claims up to 40% faster integration of Modicon M262 and TeSys island into any environment. This includes machine to machine, machine to plant, and direct machine to cloud, using open standards. Furthermore, built-in end-to-end cybersecurity offers encrypted communication and network segmentation. TeSys island and Modicon M262 remove the need for more hardware of a traditional contractor solution for cloud connectivity.

IIoT connectivity unlocks new business models

Remote visibility into machine performance enables OEMs to offer new global services supported by the embedded cloud connectivity. This creates opportunities for new service offers, such as preventive maintenance, that add real value for end-users. Finally, EcoStruxure Machine Advisor gives engineering and maintenance teams access to information, on any machine and at any time.

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