Dual safety protocols supported by new controller

dual safety protocols

Omron Automation has released its new NX-series Safety Network Controller, the world’s first to support dual safety protocols. It supports CIP Safety adopted by industrial robot manufacturers and Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) providing high-speed response.

Safety systems stop production lines and facilities when people approach hazards such as robots. Many factories produce a wide variety of products, and for these, the NX-series Safety Network Controller simplifies the building and modifying of safety systems. They are suitable for high-speed production lines using industrial robots and controls safety systems. Thus, helping manufacturers create highly flexible manufacturing sites which ensure workers’ safety and productivity.

Automotive and food manufacturers need flexibly to adapt production lines for low-volume, high-mix products and short product life cycles. With conventional safety controllers, this means checking the safety system for the entire line even when changing part of it. Manufacturing sites worlwide are increasingly adopting robots, driving the need for a dual safety protocols controllers. The demand for easy installation and maintenance of advanced safety systems is growing due to the shortage of experienced safety administrators.

Dual Safety protocols

With its dual safety protocols, the NX-series Safety Network Controller simplifies the building of safety systems for large production lines using industrial robots and for manufacturing equipment requiring high-speed control. Implementing modular safety control eliminates the need to stop entire production lines when the layout is changed or maintained. Automatic Programming for safety systems, offline simulation and online functional tests reduce the time from design to safety verification. Moreover, Safety Data Logging allows even inexperienced workers to identify the cause of a sudden line stoppage, helping maximize productivity.

The NX-series Safety Network Controller, supports users pursuing enhancements in productivity and safety. The system uses the integrated development environment Sysmac Studio for quick safety programming. Its automatic programming feature cuts safety control programming time. Furthermore, its offline simulation allows verification of programs without connecting hardware.

The safety data logging provides ease of maintenance, fast troubleshooting, and helps to identify the cause of a line stoppage. Furthermore, the safety unit restore function allows easy hardware replacement without using software. Finally, an SD card containing logging settings for Safety Data Logging that chronologically logs specified device variables and exposed variables happens on reaching trigger conditions. This function helps to quickly identify the cause of a sudden stoppage of the system and determine preventive measures.

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