Three new remote services for ABB drives

Three new remote services improve ABB drives

Remote services for ABB drives


ABB Ability is adding three remote services for ABB drives users. They provide instant alerts, rapid help and support before failure occurs. The services are: Remote assistance; condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

Introduced in 2017, ABB Ability is a cloud-based service providing their digital solutions on a single platform. It provides remote connectivity and support functions across all product and industry sectors. They monitor installed equipment and help subscribed users optimise their plant and equipment.


ABB Ability Remote Assistance for Drives

When a drive fault occurs, the service sends an email alert to the user. It provides fast fault identification, round-the-clock, thereby leading to reduced downtime. Different levels of support are available depending on the end-user’s support agreement.

After remotely accessing the drive’s parameters, the engineer will provide support or bring the drive back into operation. In case they cannot resolve the fault remotely, a local ABB engineer is available to assist on-site.

ABB Ability Condition Monitoring for Drives

This service delivers accurate, real-time information about drive events. It ensures that an application remains available, reliable and maintainable. Additionally, it assists with maintenance planning and reduces the risk of unplanned downtime.

Users access a secured portal where the drive data is continuously collected and monitored. This means they can check availability, condition metrics and parameter values. Moreover,visual indicators provide immediate notification about any anomalies.


ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance for Drives

Predictive Maintenance for drives uses information gained by condition monitoring to increase process uptime. This targets maintenance actions for critical drive applications before problems occur. It starts with a review of the installed drives base, where the user decides which to include in this subscription-based service.

A remote connection tool is then installed to gather data about the drives. ABB’s cloud computing and machine learning continuously analyses the performance and condition of the drives. Its function is to detect slight anomalies in drives or surrounding processes. Later, experts check and analyse the data in the cloud and propose improvements for specific drives.

Remote services for ABB drives

By combining the end-user’s process know-how with analysis and recommendations by ABB, enables the service reduces the risk of unexpected downtime. It does this by anticipating possible faults, operational issues and maintenance needs.

Finally, by monitoring aspects of the application important to the end-users, equipment will perform better and last longer. Hence culminating in higher productivity. Thus, ABB Ability improves process uptime, and gives peace of mind to the user.


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