Schneider demonstrating IIoT deployment benefits

Schneider Electric will be at Smart automation exhibitions in a big way. They will offer engineers and managers a practical vision by demonstrating IIoT deployment benefits awaiting them as they implement IIoT and Industry 4.0 strategies.

They will showcase their latest innovations in connected technologies, showing how they boost productivity and sustainability. Answering the question “How can I get there from where I am?” they show how to implement their solutions with the best possible ROI, shortest timeframe, and lowest risk.

Demonstrating IIoT deployment benefits

Schneider Electric has a pragmatic approach to implementation. They promote IIoT and Industry 4.0 as evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It is a direction rather than an end-point. As an evolution, it starts with what is, rather than starting afresh. It needs a vision of what is achievable, and to know this businesses need to know what is possible.

With challenges comes benefits. Smart factories offer both by linking machines and technologies and workers. Schneider Electric has a focus on usability. It helps manufacturers improve their productivity by using IT & software to turn big data into insights.

Collaborative Approach

Smart manufacturing touches all parts of the primary value chain. Adopting a collaborative approach offers significant advantages. Hence, together with supporting partners Cisco, NetApps and Salesforce, they show IIoT driving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

demonstrating IIoT deployment benefits

In addition, visitors to the exhibition can see practical examples and tours of both its Smart-Factory and Smart Office of the future. Schneider Electric will also show the full EcoStruxure offering for the manufacturing supply-chain.


Smart Factories

The long-term impact of IIoT is at times difficult to predict, however, Schneider envisages three operational environments as smart manufacturing enterprises emerge.

  • Smart Enterprise Control.

IIoT enabling tight integration of smart connected machines and smart connected manufacturing assets with the wider enterprise.

  • Asset Performance Management.

Deployment of cost effective wireless sensors, and using easy cloud connectivity (including WAN) and improve data analytics and asset performance.

  • Augmented Operators.

Increased use of mobile devices, data analytics, augmented reality and transparent connectivity to increase productivity.

Additionally, other important areas will be collaborative robotics and 3D printing.

Schneider Electric will reveal the full breadth of its products and services. It will show IIoT deployment benefits, from demand planning to smart maintenance and building and service automation. Further, this will include Smart energy and asset management solutions.


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