Mitsubishi | digital transformation for the factory floor

digital transformation for the factory floor

Digital transformation to drives & controls


Mitsubishi Electric is presenting a range of products bringing digital transformation for the factory floor. The collection and integration of shop-floor information are fundamental to deliver Smart Manufacturing. In support IIoT and Industry 4.0 Mitsubishi will also show innovations in edge computing and integrated network solutions.

Human integration is an important part of advanced manufacturing. As a result, Mitsubishi will exhibit a cloud-based solution based on an AI platform, interfacing to IBM Watson. Watson is a question answering computer system for answering questions posed in natural language.

Additionally, they will present new industry leading developments in automation solutions. These will include Automation platforms, VSDs, PLCs, networks and HMIs. Importantly, the focus is improving control, improving productivity, and reduce downtime for businesses.

Mitsubishi will also show its innovative Linear Transfer System with Smart Carriage technology. These features articulated arm robots that can move around a factory floor. They are mounted on AGVs and linear transfer carriages, and can direct and think for themselves.

Digital transformation for the factory floor

Supporting continuous production will be next generation fast, accessible maintenance solutions. These use predictive maintenance models and digital simulation. Moreover, b

y extrapolation of trends they provide maintenance information based on actual usage.

Also showcased will be its Guided Operator Solution designed for manual assembly applications. When coupled with smart glasses, they enable the operator to receive guidance on priority of tasks required. Significantly, this eliminates mistakes in the assembly process.

The Linear Transfer System with Smart Carriage is a packaging and assembly system. It is uses on-board intelligence, data memory and integrated power onboard devices to synchronise with other processes. This enables them to switch between vertical and horizontal tracks and address operator safety. The Smart Carriage stores product information and communicates between stations. Moreover, it also allows them to detect different products and decide on best routes and destinations.



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