Process orientated drives for IIoT

 Schneider process orientated drives

By enhancing traditional technologies with more intelligence, connected solutions are transforming the workplace. Digitisation of automation devices like VSDs ensures they can output data in a computer recognisable form. Hence, the resulting connected products that enable digitisation needed for IIoT.

Reflecting this trend is the Altivar Process Orientated Drives provide more data for advanced intelligence and analytics. Consequently, they drive operational efficiency, energy management, and reduced total cost of ownership. Connected products represent only part of the picture: as IIoT evolves, people and machines gain access to more and more intelligence. Therefore, systems connected to that intelligence needed to help them make good use of this data.

Many VSDs in industrial and commercial locations worldwide. are underutilised. Modern VSDs are more than components: they form connected devices providing business optimisation. Additionally, they contribute to enhanced energy management, asset management, and process optimisation.

The emergence of the services orientated drive

Services orientated drives reduce TCO by improving efficiency and energy management. The main purpose of a services orientated drive is to run a motor by controlling its speed. But, a service orientated drive provides much more functionality in the areas od energy management, asset management and process management:

– Energy management

Services orientated drives measure energy consumption, efficiency and performance with an excellent accuracy. In addition, their operation reduces energy use.

– Asset management

They are capable of advanced asset diagnostics for optimising maintenance strategies. In addition, they give complete asset performance management of the drive, motor and mechanical transmissions.

– Process optimisation

The drives control attached ancillary systems like motors, pumps, fans, conveyors. This means they maintain their operation at best efficiency point thereby reducing energy up to 30%.

Embedded capabilities

Drive connectivity is not new to the market. What is new in services orientated drives is the embedded sensing capability. It uses electrical measurement to provide an electrical signature for inclusion into operation performance dashboards.

Finally, their advanced web capabilities such as Ethernet Web Server help with connectivity. They ensure seamless integration with IT functions and SCADA systems. The drives provide an embedded web page for customising by the customer. Consequently, this is accessible through a choice of web browser running on smart phone, tablet or PC.

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