Food industry award for Smart Condition Monitoring

award for Smart Condition Monitoring

Food industry award for Smart Condition Monitoring.

Mitsubishi Electric has gained recognition for its innovative Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) solution. It won the Continuous Improvement category award at the 2017 Food Processing Awards. The ‘Appetite for Engineering’ conference, acknowledges engineering innovation in food and beverage production.

Mitsubishi’s SCM provides a simple, easy to install solution for predictive maintenance. It works firstly by providing tools allowing businesses to bring an end costly and unscheduled downtime. It takes data from smart sensors attached to the assets around a plant. The data is then sent to an advanced controller incorporating a Mitsubishi PLC.

Furthermore, the SCM operates as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated system.

Automated monitoring reduces downtime

The SCM automatically monitors many parameters to aid predictive maintenance functions, including for example:

– bearing defect detection

– imbalance detection

– misalignment

– vibration

– lack of lubricant detection

– temperature measurement


The individual sensors provide an in-built traffic light warning at the machine. They also transfer data to the SCM for detailed monitoring and analysis. Following the PLC’s analysis of the crucial data, the system sends simple messages or warnings to operators in real-time. This can be through a signal tower or to an HMI. This enables to operator to act before any significant asset failure occurs. Importantly, the data is also sent to PCs connected to higher-level production systems.  Mobile devices, Wi-Fi, and Internet connectivity further enhance the scope of the SCM

Award for Smart Condition Monitoring

“Unplanned downtime is one of the biggest costs to UK businesses. It’s great to win a Food Industry Award for an SCM solution that helps reduce the issue. says Mitsubishi Electric Marketing & Operations Group Manager Chris Evans.


“Predictive maintenance holds the key to minimising the risks of equipment failure. Previously, asset monitoring has been expensive, problematic and at worst unreliable. SCM addresses this. It provides significant improvements in predictive maintenance and optimised asset lifecycle management. Using SCM means far fewer unplanned downtime reductions, and short notice loss of services.”



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