Sysmac platform reduces unplanned machine downtime

As producers know only too well, unplanned machine downtime carries significant penalties, from lost production to waste of spoiled product and unhappy customer. By offering advanced machine solutions, Omron’s answer to significantly improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your installed machine to avoid stoppages.


The Integrated Automation of Omron’s Sysmac a philosophy is that every machine and device must be smart and connected to ensure complete control and total visibility. Advanced integration of logic, motion, safety, robotics, together with database connectivity using open networks and communications protocols facilitate this process. Omron’s reduced machine downtime solution works with the Sysmac integrated platform and would provide significant benefits to users and OEMs.


A series of innovative Function Blocks for the NJ series controller to warn about potential future issues, avoiding downtime, and the database functionality within the Sysmac platform allows fast and secure data storage. Event based information can be shared remotely to inform others of potential issues, and users can be provided with information via the NA series HMI in numerous forms including text, graphics, PDF or video.


The Sysmac integrated platform can help reduce downtime in numerous areas of machine design, providing significant benefits to OEMS and users. Real time device level information that predicts issues within key machine components before they become critical, by reducing machine downtime in four key areas.


Integrated device monitoring

Critical components such as servo axes, actuators and sensors can all be monitored and whenever their operation deviates from a normal condition, a warning or alarm is raised.


Remote connectivity

Promptly providing the right person with information relating either to potential future issues or current machine status will significantly reduce downtime.


Visualisation assistance

Easy to use local information can be made available via HMIs to provide operators and maintenance staff with information on the issue including embedded pdf and video.


Data analysis

Machine data is a vital part of any maintenance or continuous improvement program. The Sysmac platform ensures data is stored securely and we support numerous leading vendors. The data can then be analysed and compared to derive useful information as part of a continuous improvement program.


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