Mitsubishi VSDs with condition monitoring improve productivity

Mitsubishi Electric UK has extended its range of products offering users smart condition monitoring technologies (SCM). The SCM diagnostic function has been integrated within the new version of FR-A800-E VSDs. This enables the user to conduct condition monitoring functions from within the inverter.


The new functionality results from the integration of the SCM Kit-1 into the FR-A800-E inverters. The pre-configured, plug-and-play solution includes the FAG SmartCheck vibration sensor from e-Factory Alliance partner Schaeffler. In combination with the drives’ s PLC function, also integrated within the FR-A800-E models


Preventative maintenance

This unique product provides a complete drive-based solution for preventative maintenance, offering improved productivity by reducing unplanned downtime and avoiding spoiled production. The system combines traffic-light indication of the asset through red, amber and green status lights on the sensor. This information can also be displayed on an HMI or signal tower.


A more detailed analysis is available within the FR-A800-E VSD. Within the inverter, operating temperature and vibration feedback from the SmartCheck sensor are combined with the monitoring of a full range of other external parameters, including speed, voltage and current information. Detailed diagnoses can be monitored remotely, or displayed on the FR-A800-E inverters’ integrated screen.



In the event of abnormal operating conditions or potential failure, the system will recommend countermeasures, either by displaying text messages, or forwarding them to higher-level systems. This means that maintenance personnel do not need any special diagnostics expertise to be able to identify faults. They can observe the drive messages, take the necessary actions and schedule any maintenance work required.


As a result, downtime is minimised and system availability maximised improving productivity. The net result is that system maintenance for critical assets can be planned and unplanned downtime reduced. Problems and faults can also be logged for later analysis.


Go here for the full Mitsubishi SCM press release


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