What is the difference between Altivar ATV600 and ATV900 drives?

Altivar Process is the new comprehensive range of variable speed drives from Schneider Electric covering most industrial applications with two series rated up to 800kW. ATV600 drives are designed for fluid management and processing and energy saving loads. These are often referred to as variable torque applications. The ATV900 drives are for high performance applications requiring maximum productivity with exceptional motor control and connectivity, otherwise known as constant torque loads.


Both drives series share many common features and are based on a common platform. Functions include embedded control (PLC, RTU, HMI) and a wide range of communications networking options. They are available as are wall-mounting drives, built-in cabinet, and floor-standing solutions. Industrial protection levels of IP 21, IP 23, IP 54, and IP 55 are available depending on the environmental requirements.



Although not limited to fluid management, the Altivar AV600 Process drives offer extensive flexibility for three-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors, specially designed for the following market segments including water & wastewater, food & beverage applications. Uses range from pumping and suction, ventilation, gas compression to dosing and sludge removal.


ATV 600 excels as an energy-saving drive solution, with up to 30% energy saving when on standby due to its innovative ‘‘Stop & Go’’ operation that even provides smart control of the internal fans depending on the operational status. It also provides data logging and graphic display of the power consumption. Benefits include:


Fluids Management Processing
• Embedded Pump curves embedded (easy to set 5 points curve)
• Anti-jam function prevents downtime
• Limits leakage by reducing pressure when demand is low

Real Time Intelligence
• Embedded web server interface based on the Ethernet network gives you process monitoring with your daily working tools
• Local and remote access to energy use and customized dashboards making energy usage visible at any time, on PC, tablet or smartphone.



The Altivar ATV900 Process is for variable speed drive control of three-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors focused on maximum productivity with exceptional motor control and connectivity. It offers special functionalities for the industrial process segments, by offering excellent motor performance with an overload torque up to 180% Tn on any type of motor in open or closed loop control.


Braking resistors allow Altivar Process drives to operate while braking to a standstill, by dissipating the braking energy to allow maximum transient braking torque. The ATV980 Regenerative Drive Systems help improve efficiency by feeding back the drive’s energy to the mains.


By providing total control of any kind of coupling in master/slave applications, its network services help to ensure operational continuity even in case of connection breakdown. This includes a web server and data logging to help reduce downtime through fast troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.


ATV900 is ideally suited to robust applications such as hydrocarbon procedures including drilling, pipeline pumping and submersible pumps. To mineral extraction, metals and metal refining,


Download the full Altivar AVT600 catalogue here


Download the full Altivar ATV900 catalogue here



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