High performance ATV340 variable speed drive for Smart Machines

The recently introduced Altivar ATV340 inverter drives series from Schneider Electric complements the ATV320. Both are three phase drives and enable machine builders to give customers improved quality and performance while simplifying installation and reducing cost.


The ATV320 is for general purpose applications with synchronous and asynchronous motors from 0.18 to 15 kW, whilst ATV340 is for constant torque, high performance motors with or without sensor from 0.75 to 75 kW. It is compatible with a wide range of motors such as asynchronous (IE2, IE3); synchronous; reluctance motors (IE4, IE5) for various applications in closed; and open loop.


The ATV340 is designed to address the challenges of the smart machine by combining optimised installation with cutting-edge application control and advanced, easy-to-integrate automation capabilities.


Suitable for all industrial applications

The Altivar Machine ATV340 variable speed drive is suited to a variety of industrial sectors as well as applications such as packaging, material handling and working, and hoisting, offering a performance of benefit to both installers and users. It provides high torque and motor speed performance with an optimized speed bandwidth up to 400 Hz with machined needing faster acceleration or settling time. They cope with high overloads, adaptable to the needs of demanding applications up to 220% nominal torque.


The drives ready-to-use MachineStruxure application libraries that are Tested Validated and Documented (TVDA). The ONE button auto-tuning for motor identification gives users the possibility to replicate the complete project in a fast and seamless manner ensuring maximum productivity in machine commissioning and production. The ATV340 range has Achilles level 2 cyber-security certification and is compliant with EN ISO 1384901 and EN 62061


Sustained production in tough environments

The ATV340 is suitable for environments with high levels of dust and vibration and operating temperatures up to 60ºC, while remote monitoring enables predictive maintenance and fast device replacement (FDR) services ensure prompt machine recovery.


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