Magelis GTU uses snap-on display screens


Image of Magelis GTU snap-on display screens


Magelis GTU uses snap-on display screens


The innovative design of Magelis GTU uses snap-on display screens giving OEMs the opportunity to create HMIs of their choice by selecting their preferred combination of panel box and display screen.  Should the screen later become damaged, or a larger size be needed, the existing panel box can simply be snapped onto the existing display screen with minimal downtime.


The Schneider Electric Magelis GTU is the latest innovation in the Magelis range of HMI solutions. The modular design of Magelis GTU enables full optimization of parts inventory.


Display size and type can be changed or replaced without any special tools while protecting all system and user data with removable memory units. The application is automatically resized to fit the new display. The IP66/67 front USB port allows HMI date to be accessed and conveniently copied without opening the cabinet door.


Magelis GTU offers simplified operator use through its industrialised multi-touch screen, allowing users to zoom in/out, swipe, and scroll through intuitive menus, even whilst wearing protective gloves or through protective screen cover.


Optimised for developers

The latest HMI configuration software from Schneider Electric, Vijeo XD, Magelis GTU is as easy and comfortable to use as a smartphone or tablet, with intuitive navigation and many connectivity options, including remote access.


High resolution, 16 million colour screen delivers a crystal-clear view of the same key functions and tools as a PC, including Office viewer, Adobe viewer, Internet Explorer, multimedia player, etc. Magelis GTU applications can also be accessed through a second display via the DVI interface and managed remotely through the Vijeo Design’Air app for mobile devices.


 Wide network connectivity

With a variety of embedded interfaces Magelis GTU is easy to integrate within the system architecture: dual Ethernet Gigabit port for network connectivity, dual serial and one optional fieldbus interface for easy communication with industrial devices, and up to four USB ports for connecting peripherals while minimizing wiring.


Maintenance is reduced to the minimum thanks to the robust aluminium housing and wide range of power supply (12-24VDC) and temperature (0-60°C).


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