SPS IPC Drives Fair 2015 | Nuremberg 24-26 November


Mitsubishi e-F@ctory


SPS IPC Drives Fair 2015 | Nuremberg 24-26 November.


The SPS IPC Drives fair is Europe’s leading European in factory and control automation systems and components.  Held annually in Nuremberg for three days every November, this year’s fair is open from 24 to 26 November.  On offer are the latest innovations from over 1600 suppliers.  Entry is free by pre-registering.


Integrated solutions for manufacturing and production industries are increasingly becoming state-of-the-art. The demand for better quality products, almost immediate availability and more product variants is constantly growing: Traceability, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and resource management for example are becoming increasingly important for innovative companies.


As one of the world’s largest and most experienced automation companies, Mitsubishi Electric (Hall 7 – Stand 391) offers automation users many proven technologies and solutions. These include PLCs, Computerized Numerical Controls (CNC), servo motion, robotics, inverters, human machine interfaces (HMI) and related energy saving technologies and its e-F@ctory concept.


Mitsubishi Electric‘s current iQ series of PLCs combine all the key automation functions on one controller and are part of the iQ Platform. The iQ Platform supports systems integration by offering an extensive array of field devices and controller types.


Towards to Industry 4.0

Integrated shop floor automation is often connected to higher level control systems such as SCADA, ERP and MES. Integration can go even further, with connections to suppliers, distributors, customers and end users so that the entire manufacturing value chain is interconnected and managed as a whole.


This is the vision of Industry 4.0; an integration of both physical and cyber-based systems across multiple sites and organisations so that performance is optimised at every stage of the value chain.


Mitsubishi’s partner activity called e-F@ctory Alliance, helps users build comprehensive solutions based on a best-in-class principle. e-F@ctory is an alliance is of specialist automation suppliers and integrators and open network associations.  It provides expertise and seamless integration of multiple systems and subsystems.


Mitsubishi Electric’s live Applications at the show will present visionary solutions addressing the ambitious needs of the automation, power and process sectors.


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