Altivar 212 improves building comfort levels & lowers energy


Hard to believe the energy saving from Schneider Altivar 212?


Altivar ATV212 is a dedicated series of HVAC variable speed drive for pumps, fans and compressors from 0.75 to 75kW.  It includes a number of features for commonly encountered fluid management applications in buildings, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and pumping.


Applying ATV212 variable speed drives on centrifugal pump and fan applications is widely recognised as the best way to increase energy savings and reduce maintenance costs. Building management is considerably improved by simplifying circuits though the elimination of air flow dampers, inlet guide vanes, and throttling valves.



By using Altivar drives to run motors at lower speeds allows for smoother control which reduces mechanical stress on pumps, fans and compressors.  This precise control of fluids leads to lower energy usage, a healthier and more comfortable environment, and a reduction in maintenance costs and lower noise levels.


Schneider Electric has specifically engineered the drive for HVAC duty, enabling energy savings of up to 70% to be achieved compared to a traditional mechanical control system.


Building Management Systems (BMS)

Offering flexibility and ease of adjustment for installations, thanks to its compatibility with building management system connectivity, ATV212 is designed for easy integration to building supervision network using embedded protocols. Standard protocols include: Modbus; METASYS N2; APOGEE FLN P1 and BACnet. A LonWorks communication card is offered as an option.


Problems such as instant detection of system failure: belt breakage, pump running dry, phase failure, energy consumption monitoring operating time and so on are immediately communicated to the BMS system.


The percentage savings add up

The design of Altivar 212 provides equivalent harmonic mitigation without the use of line reactors, swinging chokes, or DC bus chokes. By eliminating these components it can reduce the installed cost by 4 – 6 percent in a typical installation.


Compared to typical AC drives, the Altivar 212’s lower input line current allows cable size and over-current protection devices to be smaller; further reducing the total installed cost by 2 – 4 percent compared to typical AC drives.


The Altivar 212 drive maintains a high power factor through the speed/load range encountered in centrifugal pump and fan applications it operates more efficiently. Minimising losses, improving electrical load power quality, and contributes to providing a 3 – 5 percent operating efficiency improvement over typical AC drives.


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