New GX Works3 engineering environment for Mitsubishi iQ-FX5U


Mitsubishi GXWorks 3


New GX Works3 engineering environment for Mitsubishi iQ-FX5U


To ensure easy access the advanced functionality available in Mitsubishi Electric UK recently announced iQ-FX5U PLC, the GX Works support software have also been revamped to GX Works3


GX Works3 consists of various different components that help to simplify project creation and maintenance tasks. A system design console that enables projects to be created at the system overview stage has been added. Additionally, the main programming languages are supported and their labels (variables) are shared, further simplifying programming. Various debug and maintenance features are also included.


System design with a convenient parts library

Most projects start from system design, so having a software application that caters to this initial stage is important. GX Works3 incorporates a system design feature that enables system components to be assembled directly in the programming software. It includes a parts library consisting of MELSEC iQ-F Series modules that can be used to simplify system creation.


Register module parameters on the fly

Another useful feature is the ability to register parameters automatically. Simply double-click on the desired module and the corresponding parameters will be registered in the project. A window with an easy-to-use parameter settings screen opens, enabling module parameters to be modified as needed.


Main programming languages supported

The main IEC languages are supported by GX Works3. Various different programming languages can be used within the same project simultaneously and can be viewed easily via the menu tab. The variables and devices used in each program can be shared across multiple platforms, with user defined function blocks supported.


Reduce repetitive program tasks

Global and local variables (labels) are supported providing an easy way to share device names across multiple projects, other MELSOFT software and third party SCADA. The variables can be registered into either the current program, function block as a local variable or within the project as a global variable to share across multiple programs within the same project. Variables specific to a particular module are also available, and can be used immediately, further reducing engineering time and cost.


Integrated motion setup tool

GX Works3 is equipped with a special motion setup tool that makes it easy to change simple motion module settings such as module parameters, positioning data and servo parameters. Also, the servo adjustment is simplified using it.


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