Schneider Altivar ATV212 low-harmonic energy saving HVAC VSD


Schneider Altivar ATV212 low-harmonic energy saving HVAC drives

Schneider ATV212 low-harmonic energy saving HVAC drives.


Altivar ATV212 from Schneider UK is a single series variable speed drive for energy saving for a wide range of HVAC applications up to 75 kW.  It incorporates a range of functions specific to pumps and fans, including instant detection of system failure, belt breakage, pump running dry, phase failure etc, and is easily integrated into building supervision network using embedded protocols.


Lower installation costs

The technology used in the ATV212 VSD provides equivalent harmonic mitigation without the use of line reactors, swinging chokes, or DC bus chokes. By eliminating these components and the space needed to mount them, the Altivar 212 VSD can reduce the installed cost by 4 – 6 percent in a typical installation.


The ATV212 drives operate more efficiently and provide additional installed cost savings compared to standard AC drives on centrifugal pump and fan applications.


By replacing fixed-speed starters for fans and pumps with ATV212 drives, users will save energy and, in addition, eliminate inconvenient and often unreliable mechanical flow and pressure control devices, such as valves, throttles and diverters.


Altivar 212 drives are available in three-phase versions with ratings from 0.75kW to 75kW, and can be supplied as IP20 units for mounting within control panels, or as IP54 models which require no additional enclosure.


Integration with building management systems

Standard features offered by ATV 212 drives include a PID regulator for effective flow and pressure control, automatic catching for spinning loads, adjustable switching frequency for noise and resonance suppression, and adaption of current limiting according to motor speed.  Integration with building management systems is ensured by the availability of optional communication cards, including types for LonWorks, BACnet, Metasys N2 and Apogee FLN.


Comprehensive protection features are also provided, among which are thermal protection with the option to connect PTC thermistors, overload and underload protection, and a jump frequency function to provide mechanical protection for the driven load.  To complement these features, the drives also offer multiple fault management and configurable alarms.


Simple monitoring

For simple status monitoring and to facilitate minor adjustments, Altivar 21 drives incorporate a seven-segment display panel with a keypad.  This allows speed reference and other key information to be checked quickly without the need for additional equipment, and also gives direct access to the last five parameters modified.


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