New FX5U PLC simplifies positioning and motion control


New FX5U PLC simplifies positioning and motion control


New FX5U PLC simplifies positioning and motion control.


Mitsubishi’s new iQ-F controller is blurring the lines between PLC control and dedicated motion controllers for both positioning and advanced motion control, without the need for dedicated positioning software.


The FX5U includes Mitsubishi Electric ́s Simple Motion Unit as an intelligent function module, providing the ability to perform sophisticated motion control for up to 4 axes. Functions include linear interpolation, circular interpolation, positioning control, synchronised control, encoder following and electronic cam.


Positioning Solutions

Built-in Positioning (4-Axis built-in)

The built-in high-speed pulse inputs and outputs on the FX5U, with special positioning operations instructions, are designed to satisfy simple independent-axis positioning applications using servo and stepping motors with speed and precision. Positioning operations on different axes can also be started simultaneously.


Simple Motion Module (4-Axis module)


Basic positioning control is easily executed using a point table.  A machine can coat the work-piece by using a combination of linear interpolation, 2-Axis circular interpolation, and continuous trajectory control. A smooth trajectory can be traced with the S-curve acceleration/deceleration function.


Advanced Motion Control

Similar to positioning modules, simple motion modules are capable of a wide range of high-precision control such as positional control, advanced synchronous control, cam control, and speed-torque control with setup being done easily by parameters and programming.


– Use synchronous control and cam functionality to make systems that work continuously and maximize output.

– In a vertical form, fill & seal machine, perform seal and cut while the film is continuously fed.

– With 64 cam profiles available, the same machine can be used for many different packaging styles.


Advanced synchronous control

Software-based synchronous control can be used as an alternative to mechanical control, such as gear, shaft, transmission and cam. In addition, cam control is even easier with cam auto-generation. Synchronous control can be simply operated (start/stop) for each axis, allowing synchronous and positional control axes within the same program.


Synchronous control

All axes are synchronized using a synchronous encoder or servo input axes. Up to 4 control axes can be synchronized when using the synchronous encoder, such as that used for packaging machines, for example.


Cam auto-generation

Cam data for a rotary cutter can be generated automatically simply by registering the sheet length, synchronization width, rotary cutter axis dimensions.  Additionally, all servo axes can be synchronized via SSCNETIII/H by plug & play.


Mark detection

The actual position of the servo motor can be obtained based on the registration mark printed on the high-speed moving film. Compensation of the cutter axis position, based on the registration marks, keeps the constant cutting position.


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