Powerful new Mitsubishi PLC focuses on security

Cyber-security has been a hot topic since the Stuxnet incident of a few years ago.


Powerful new Mitsubishi PLC focuses on security.


Mitsubishi Electric UK has expanded its compact MELSEC iQ-F series.  The FX5U, which comes with a comprehensive range built in functions, with security being a key feature.


The new FX5U offers sophisticated security features to protect both the developer’s intellectual property and the final installation. Each PLC can have a security ‘key’ that allows users to easily manage access to both software and hardware.


Another key feature of the new range is more unified inter-connectivity with other the larger system PLCs  from the iQ Series , and a unified programming environment for a much improved user experience.


The first model in the iQ-F series is the FX5U and others will be added through 2015. The FX5U continues the FX tradition of flexibility by offering a huge range of new and existing add-on options including built-in Ethernet, analogue I/O, data logging, position control, security, and communications and networking functions. The FX5U will provide users with the ability to specify more powerful systems but with fewer overall components, saving time and cost.


Integrated 4-axis positioning

The FX5U offers functions previously only available on larger PLCs, such as motion control, data logging. For example, the 4-axis simple motion module brings sophisticated motion control in an easy-to-use form for applications such as food and beverage packaging, providing features such as torque control and circular interpolation.


To meet the future needs of Industry 4.0, the FX5U offers comprehensive data logging functionality as standard, with all data from energy consumption to product throughput captured on a standard SD card for further analysis.


Processing speed of 34ns per instruction is significantly faster than comparable PLCs, and the bus speed is 150 times faster than previous generation FX PLCs. The result is a platform that allows users to standardise on the FX5U in a host of applications that would previously have required much larger and more costly system PLCs.


The FX5U is programmed using the new GX Works3 software which provides an intuitive, graphical, structured programming environment. GX Works3 offers a wide range of programming options including dynamic labels, parameterisation instead of programming and the automatic creation of hardware function blocks and visual function blocks, including HMI templates.


60% faster configuration

The drag-and-drop hardware and software configuration reduces overall configuration time by over 60%, whilst the intuitive approach to programming reduces development costs and development errors.


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