ACH550 drive uses pre-configured HVAC application macros.



ACH550 drive uses pre-configured HVAC application macros.

It is certainly true that any general purpose inverter drive can be installed in an HVAC application to both improve control and save energy. The ACH550 from ABB UK however, has been designed with a control system macros specifically engineered for integration with building services and BMS.


The ACH550 series is available from 0.75 kW to 355 kW three phase 380/40V supplies or 0.75 to 75 kW three phase 208/240 V, and meets EMC Category C2, which saves additional cost and simplifies installation as there is no need to oversize the supply cables.


Pre-configured HVAC application macros

Fifteen HVAC application macros are pre-programmed into the ACH550 drive. Application macros for supply and return fans, cooling tower fans, booster pumps and condensers are available, just to name a few. The user can create two additional application macros, selectable manually or through a customer contact. These can be summer and winter application macros for example


Built-in timers

External timer circuits are no longer needed. Built-in timers – utilizing the real-time clock – allow starting and stopping the drive or changing the speed according to a set time and date. Relay outputs can be operated by the timers to control any auxiliary equipment on site.



Serial communications and popular HVAC field-buses are embedded into the memory of the drive for immediate availability. LonWorks, Profibus and other plug-in modules fit under the cover of the drive as required.


Logging faults

The fault logger of the HVAC drive is especially useful in tracking down drive trips through its use of the real-time clock. In addition to recording time and date, the fault logger also takes a snapshot of seven diagnostic values – like motor speed and output current. Should a fault occur, the diagnostic assistant displays possible causes and potential solutions.  The HVAC drive alerts you when maintenance is required based on your individual requirements.


Two PID controllers as standard

The HVAC drive has two independent PID controllers built in. For example, one PID controller can with the AFD to maintain the duct static pressure, whilst the other is controls a  separate external device.  Both controllers are monitored and controlled through serial communications.


Keypad and firmware features

The ACH550 Series keypad takes the typical operator interface to a new level. It uses full language, not codes, and emulates the human interface of a mobile phone. Fourteen languages are available for OEMs exporting their machines. A Help Button displays a description of what the effect of parameter changes would be


The keypad also features two soft keys, whose functions change according to the operating state of the panel. Hand-Off-Auto buttons provide local control for local- speed and start/stop control. In addition to the Diagnostic Assistant, the Programming Assistant helps users configure the drive for an application. For example, the PID Assistant prompts the user through a series of questions and uses the answers to set twenty six of the drive’s parameters.


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