ABB ACH550 HVAC drives for cooling tower applications



ABB ACH550 HVAC drives for cooling tower applications.



Retail environment continue to offer substantial opportunities for energy saving.  Whilst many retailers have established programmes for improving energy efficiency and lowering their carbon footprint, many fail to understand which applications are consuming the greatest energy levels.  One such example is ABB UK’s ACH550 HVAC drives for cooling tower applications.


Cooling towers

Cooling towers are evaporative coolers used for removing heat from the working fluid to near the ambient wet-bulb air temperature.  A HVAC cooling tower is used to reject heat from a chiller. HVAC use of a cooling tower, pairs the tower with a water-cooled chiller or water-cooled condenser. The system can be used to reject heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems or the air conditioning system.


Improved control

Within cooling tower set-ups, a starter and a control unit are used to provide start/stop control and speed control. This control can be accomplished by installing variable speed drives (VSDs) to the motors. Modern HVAC drives such as the ACH550 are equipped with built-in PID control and speed search technology to help maintain optimum performance within the system.


A VSD also has the added benefit of soft-starting and gradual speed changes, which result in less noticeable noise issues, helping to meet noise abatement regulations whilst saving the retailer the cost of including noise shielding.


VSDs can also be applied to motors running cooling tower fans, slowing the motor speed to zero when opposite rotation is detected and accelerate the fan in the correct direction, helping to improve cooling tower efficiency. A VSD also eliminates the need for brakes, anti-ratcheting devices and the need for time delays, helping to further reduce costs. A slower fan speed has the added benefit of raising tower and water temperatures, preventing icing in cold weather. In warm weather, fans can be run faster, providing additional cooling capacity.



– Soft-start reduces mechanical stress on motors

– No requirement for noise shielding

– Improved system efficiency

– No requirement for throttling mechanisms


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