Altivar 61 inverters up to 630 kW | More than saving energy


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AC inverter drives for pump and fan applications to 630kW


According to information published by Schneider Electric UK, 72 % of consumed electricity is used to turn on motors, and of this energy usage,  63 % is used for fluid applications like pumps and fans.  This means that significant energy savings are available to users not currently using variable speed drives.


Most pump and fan applications are driven by a DOL solution or soft-start. This means that the motor runs at full speed and the flow variation is obtained.


AC drives allow users to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% on fans compared to conventional solutions using mechanical dampers, and between 20% and 30% on pumps according to their characteristics.


For example, at 80% of nominal flow, the energy consumption for a fan is 95% of nominal power with conventional installations, but this falls dramatically to about 50% with AC drives.


For liquid applications, even thought flow variation is not needed, most of the applications are oversized (estimation of hydraulic loses). Using the AC drive to optimise the pressure, saves 20% of energy compared to conventional solutions (valves).


Building and factory integration

AC drives have other advantages for improving the performance of the overall system.  As they are open to the main automation networks such as Ethernet, Modbus, DeviceNet, as well as BMS networks including LonWorks, BACnet, METASYS N2 and Apogee FLN their performance can ne monitored and adjusted centrally as required.


For multi-pump applications, the programmable multi- pump card used with Altivar 61 brings user flexibility, usability and adaptability in management of multiple pumps.


Using AC drives to reduce energy costs

Energy savings and the rate of return or payback period will depend on the size (power rating) of the motor and the duty.  Larger motor sizes will generally offer greater saving.  Fan and pump applications  are also a good starting point as many motors are over-sized for the duty they perform, and most do not need to be run at maximum speed.


Valves and dampers can be set to fully open or removed and the AC drives used to control the flow-rate by adjusting the motor speed.  The start-up time of the drive can also be ramped to provide a smooth/soft start.  Payback time is normally between one and two years


In addition to energy savings, other benefits from installing AC drives include: quieter motors and pump rooms; longer filter life; improved airflow in buildings; less mechanical shocks when starting, and extending the life of the system parts.


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