The ACS880 all compatible drive from ABB


The ACS880 all compatible drive from ABB

The ACS880 all compatible drive from ABB


The ACS880 series of variable speed inverters is part of ABB UK’s all-compatible drives portfolio designed to provide customers across a broad spectrum of industries and applications with unprecedented levels of compatibility, flexibility and ease of use. The all-compatible concept allows users to learn a single platform, and apply it simply and seamlessly across any market or industry, sets the future for motor control.


This advancement saves users the frustration of treating each drives family as separate silos; now, everything a user learns can be applied across all the drives technology ABB offers, going forward. Initially the ACS880 and ACS580 for the basis of the offering, but as the full product portfolio is released, a customer will be able to use a single operator panel to program any of the drives within the family.


Flexible data visualisation

ACS880 AC drives introduced a new era in control panel design, with its intuitive, high contrast and high-resolution control display enabling easy navigation.  It offers several flexible data visualisations – including bar charts, histograms, trend graphs – help users to analyse processes, and assistants available to simplify set up. The menus and messages are customisable for specific terminology for applications


Additionally, the field bus modules will be the same and be connected and set up the same way, and the parameter names and set up will be very similar, if not identical; the PC programming software used for set up and monitoring is the same, connection cables to the PC, the same. This commonality simplifies training, installation, start up and operation by allowing the customer to re-use his/her knowledge across the full ABB Drives portfolio.


The ACS880-01 wall-mounted single drives offer IP55 class enclosures for all nine frame sizes with a power range up to 250 kW and voltage range up to 690 V. They provide a compact drive solution that requires less space, cabling and filtering than equivalent cabinet-installed drives. This makes the ACS880-01 ideal for use in narrow spaces, where it provides easy installation while ensuring the high level of protection and optimised speed control essential for demanding industry applications.


Direct Torque Control

Like its predecessor the ACS800, the ACS880 uses ABB’s direct torque control (DTC) control technology. The DTC motor control algorithm enables application benefits that are sometimes not realised until an issue occurs. As an example, for many other drives…if they are running closed loop and then experience an encoder failure, the application process must stop. In the case of these ACS880 drives, they can be set up to continue running the motor and controlling the application, even with the encoder feedback failure.


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