Altivar ATV61 inverters save energy in pump/fan applications


Image of ATV61 from 999 Inverters


The logic behind using Altivar ATV61 AC variable speed inverter drives in an energy saving programme is faultless.  According to Schneider Electric UK, 72 % of consumed electricity is used to turn motors and 63 % of this energy is used for fluid applications like pumps and fans.


Inverter drives allow users to reduce energy consumption by 50% in fans compared to conventional solutions (flow variation with mechanical devices) and 20% to 30% on pumps according to their characteristics.  Even thought flow variation is not needed, most of the applications are oversized (estimation of hydraulic loses). Optimising the pressure, ATV61 drives save 20% of energy compared to conventional solutions.


Inverter drives are straightforward to install and for most installations will replace the traditional motor starter or soft-starter.  In addition to significant energy savings, most users observe environmental benefits:  running motors at lower speeds reduces noise, heat and vibration; control is improved; the drives can be integrated into building management systems (BMS); consumable such as filters last longer, and service intervals can be extended.


Historically electric motors were either off or running at full speed: inverter drives allow them to be run at virtually any speed.  The energy saving from speed reduction however is not linear but cubed.  For example, using an ATV61 inverter drive to reduce a the motor speed to 80% of nominal, the energy used by the motor falls by 50%.


The physics behind energy savings is proven and known as the Cube Law.  Using ECO8 software from Schneider Electric users can estimate the energy saving according to their pump or fan applications and duty cycle.


Altivar ATV61 is available up to 630kW at discounted prices from 999 Inverter


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